Christopher Titus is a native of California, growing up in a tough home life with an abusive father and mother who spent time in and out of mental institutions. It was this tumultuous upbringing that lead to his own abuse of drugs and alcohol until a turnaround that drove him away from the bad stuff and into comedy.

It's this tough background that helped drive his often dark but poignant comedy, and led him to be a success today. He has had four successful tours (including one he is on now), Norman Rockwell is Bleeding, The Fifth Annual End of the World Tour, Love is Evol and Neverlution. He also has appeared on TV many time, including in his own short-lived, but critically well-received show on Fox, Titus.

Titus is currently on his Neverlution Tour, which was recorded for CD at the Escondido Arts Center in Escondido, California. In this tour he takes aim at the complacency and idiocy sometimes found in today's America. Like most of his comedy Neverlution goes the edge and back with some provocative, but always funny material.

Where to find him:


Facebook: /The-Real-Christopher-Titus

Twitter: /TitusNation

Podcasts: TItus Podcasts